Unique Spokane Tours

Unique Spokane Tours Like every great American city, Spokane has more than its share of stories. Finding out the stories behind the stories is what a great tour almost always delivers. So, when you're visiting one of the most popular cities in the Inland Northwest, make sure to take any or all of these uniquely entertaining tours to dig a little deeper into some of Spokane's stories that, over time, have become a part of its colorful history.

Sculpture Walk
One of the most popular tours in Spokane is a walking tour known as Sculpture Walk. Begin by stopping in to the Visitor Center at 201 W Main to get your map. The Sculpture Walk winds through Riverfront Park and moves along the Centennial Trail. The original starting point is Washington State University's downtown campus and extends out to the southeast corner of the Monroe Bridge. See some truly intricate sculptures along the way, while getting some good exercise in the process.

Phone: (509) 747-3232

Walking Tour of Downtown
Spokane has many inviting features. If you're taking the Walking Tour of Downtown, one of the most welcome features of the city is the fact that there are few steep inclines, which will make your walk through Spokane's downtown area all the more enjoyable. See plenty of interesting architecture, historic buildings that include the Met Theater, City Hall and the carousel at Riverfront Park, as well as the scenery of the park itself. Begin your tour by starting at the Visitor Information Center at 201 W Main Street where you can get a self-guided walking tour map. Get some comfortable shoes on and make sure your camera is loaded as you head out on this excellent way to get better acquainted with downtown Spokane.

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Row Adventure Center
Some of the best views in Spokane can be seen from behind a pair of handlebars. To see them for yourself, strap on your helmet and let your feet hit the pedals on Row Adventure Center's popular bike tour. These are the only guided tours offered on the Hiawatha Trail and are definitely a great way to explore the area while getting some exercise. The guides are not only expert bikers, but they are quite well-versed in the area's history, and are informative and entertaining sources of information as you travel the trail.

Address: 17 West Spain, Spokane, WA 99201 - MAP
Phone: (866) 836-9340
Web: www.rowadventurecenter.com

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is a stunning display of architecture, history and spirituality. This South Hill landmark features Gothic-style design made in sandstone which was completed in 1969. When you step inside, you will be immediately struck by the stained-glass windows that all feature various Biblical scenes, as well as the various carvings inside that illustrate the history of the church. Tours are offered four days a week, but if you decide to take the tour on Thursday, you will also be able to hear the awe-inspiring sound of the cathedral's weekly 49-bell carillon concert.

Address: 127 East 12th Ave, Spokane, WA 99202 - MAP
Phone: (509) 838-4277

Spokesman-Review Building
Spokane's Spokesman-Review Building is an unmistakeable part of the city's skyline. The building, once the tallest structure in town, is also the home of the Spokesman-Review, Spokane's newspaper. There is much history in this classically designed building, and you can book a tour to see not only the building itself but you will also get an interesting glimpse into the inner-workings of a daily newspaper from its offices to its presses.

Address: 999 Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 - MAP
Phone: (509) 459-5071
Web: www.spokesman.com