Spokane Outdoor Activities

Spokane Outdoor Activities Spokane is situated in the lush, scenic setting of the Inland Northwest. With its picturesque terrain and seasonal climate, spending time outdoors is a favorite pastime of the people who make their home here. And whether the outdoor activity involves hiking, biking, fishing, or just tossing the football around, these are some of Spokane's prime spots for taking in and enjoying its undeniable natural beauty.

Dishman Hills Natural Area
When you venture out to the Dishman Hills Natural Area, not only are you destined to see one of Spokane's most beautiful natural scenes, you will be visiting one of its most historic. Named after A.T. Dishman who extracted tons of granite from the site to help rebuild Spokane after the Great Fire of 1889, the area offers several desirable activities for nature lovers. There is a two and a half-mile hike that traverses Eastwood Pond which is available seasonally from March to November. In addition, there are several excellent spots for picnics, family fun and running around. Or, if you prefer, you can just sit and take in the amazing outdoor beauty.

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Riverfront Park
The Riverfront Park's popularity is not only because of its incredible natural beauty, but also because the park is located downtown. The park attracts families out for a day of fun and outdoorsy-types looking to commune with the elements, along with a fair number of people in suits and ties taking a break from work in a nearby office to sit out and have lunch, enjoy some fresh air, or maybe just play a little hooky! Whatever the reason, everyone seems to enjoy Riverfront Park and its 100-acres of incredible views and spacious greenery.

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Centennial Trail
It doesn't matter if you're a walker, a runner, a rollerblader, or a cyclist, you will most definitely find your place somewhere along the Centennial Trail. The outdoor trail begins at the Idaho state line and runs alongside the Spokane River up to Nine Mile Falls. Its paved surface makes it accessible to nearly everyone, and the fact that the downtown portion of the trail goes from the Opera House through Riverfront Park means that this impressive trail is enjoyed by a large cross-section of Spokane's population. The park is the most obvious point of entry to the trail, and that only adds to its already impressive level of popularity.

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Liberty Lake County Park
If you feel like getting away from it all but don't want to travel too far, then Liberty Lake Regional Park is the destination for you. Breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors in this 2,900-acre park that is located a short 15 miles east of Spokane. When you get there, there isn't a shortage of things to do. You can walk through the wooded areas and expansive meadows, enjoy the trails that welcome walkers, hikers, and bikers, and even take a dip in the designated swimming areas. Fishing and camping are also permitted, and if you visit between mid-June through Labor Day, there is a small fee to enter the park. But as any nature lover will tell you, the cost is most definitely worth it!

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Manito Park
Manito Park is situated in one of the residential areas south of downtown Spokane, but its location doesn't seem to deter nature enthusiasts who enjoy its many amenities. Some of the more popular attractions at Manito Park are the lush, green areas, tennis courts, play areas for the kids, and even a duck pond. There are also several specialized gardens that are quite popular, like the Japanese Garden, the Lilac Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Duncan Garden, that all offer something special to be appreciated by everyone from the casual visitor to even the most discerning nature lover. You'll enjoy time spent in the great outdoors here.

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