Family Attractions in Spokane

Family Attractions in SpokaneSpending quality family time together can sometimes be a challenge. What might be an interesting and fun activity for one member of the family may not keep the other members interested for long. Luckily, if you are planning a day of activities for the whole family in Spokane, the challenge is not finding something everyone will enjoy, but choosing what to do from the many exciting attractions and entertaining activities that can be found here.

Riverfront Park
One of Spokane's most popular attractions for family fun is Riverfront Park. This is a sprawling 110-acre park with a refurbished railroad crossing as its unmistakeable focal point. Located in the downtown area, it is particularly attractive to families looking to engage in some outdoor fun without having to travel too far. The kids can run freely in the expansive playgrounds and everyone can convene at one of the many picnic tables for a communal lunch. With the scenic Spokane Falls as your backdrop, you may want to spend the whole day outside. If not, you can always opt for catching a great IMAX feature at the park's theater, take a ride on the classic Looff Carrousel, or ride the gondola over the waterfalls for a view unlike any other.

Address: N Howard Street and W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA - MAP
Phone: (800) 336-PARK

Mobius Kids Museum
The kids will absolutely love the Mobius Kids Museum, as it highly encourages a hands-on, interactive approach to its exhibits, attractions, and various other forms of learning opportunities. The venue is located within the River Park Square shopping mall, and the inviting and colorful ambiance of the Mobius has been known to attract and entertain kids for hours. The museum is a product of a collaboration between Sci Tech and the Children's Museum of Spokane, and together they offer an impressive array of exhibits that teach as well as entertain the many inquisitive young minds that visit every day.

Address: 116 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Spokane, WA - MAP
Phone: (509) 624-5437

Centennial Trail
Get the family ready for some fun, healthy activity by hitting the trail! The Centennial Trail, that is. This picturesque hike and bike trail begins in Idaho and runs all the way through the bike-friendly city of Spokane and then continues on to Riverside State Park. Don't worry if all of your family members aren't bicycle-equipped, as the trail is an excellent place for a brisk walk that will not only allow you to get some great aerobic exercise, but you'll enjoy the unforgettable scenery along the way.

Address: Idaho border to Nine Mile Falls Washington, Spokane, WA - MAP
Phone: (509) 624-7188

Wonderland Family Fun Center
The Wonderland Family Fun Center really lives up to its name! The kids will totally enjoy themselves at this highly popular attraction for family fun. Some of the fun activities that are available include indoor and outdoor mini golf, video games, laser tag, batting cages, go karts and lots more children's games. There's also an area for mom and dad to relax as well as an excellent restaurant on site to help satisfy those worked-up appetites. Wonderland Family Fun Center is one of those special places that the kids never seem to get tired of visiting.

Address: 10515 North Division Street, Spokane, WA - MAP
Phone: (509) 468-2994

Cat Tales Zoological Park
Family fun, feline style is what you'll find at Cat Tales Zoological Park. This unique zoo attraction spotlights various endangered members of the cat family. The kids will surely enjoy getting a closer-than-usual look at some of the facility's famous residents. These include tigers, pumas, lions, and lynx. If you want to learn more, you can opt to take one of the zoo's highly informative and entertaining tours. And don't forget to bring your camera to capture as many pics of these really cool cats.

Address: 17020 N Newport Hwy, Spokane, WA 99021 - MAP
Phone: (509) 238-4126

Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum
Got a car buff in the family? Then take him or her to Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum. That's where you can see some of the most unique and historically significant vehicles that you definitely won't find anywhere else. See cars used to belong to such luminaries as President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, and Jackie Gleason. The cars have all been restored to their original luster, and the stories that are behind them will amuse mom and dad, too. So rev it up and take a turn to Carr's for a family experience that will be, like the museum attraction itself, truly one of a kind!

Address: 5225 N Freya Street, Spokane, WA 99217 - MAP
Phone: (509) 489-8859